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Re: [RC] For the Ladies - rackinfool

Har Har Har!!! I love the visual of your brother in the truck with ammo in the ready!!
I was the same way about snakes, still won't ever touch one, but at least now I can watch them pass by and not freak out. I even walked over a rattle snake a few months ago while walking the horse down a steep road. I thought it was a stick, until I started to step over it and it slithered off to the side.......I was so proud......I didn't scream or nuthin! Horse didn't freak either.
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From: Lindak
Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 9:09 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] For the Ladies

Amber said: "I cried when I had to stomp a few. I actually love the Black Widows. I like their MO. ".......
and also:  "It was a petrified RAT!
EEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK! and that is putting it mildly."
How funny your story was about men and their toys.  I really enjoyed it.  BTW, You mentioned 2 of the 3 most feared critters on earth, the 3rd one being "snakes".  I can pick up live or dead rats and snakes, and have handled both.  My brother, who was in the Vietnam War, called me to come over and get a snake out of his yard.  He was in the back of his pickup truck with a gun in his hand, pointing it at a 4 to 5 foot live King snake.  I just picked up the snake, laid it across my shoulders and carried it home.  (I live across the road) But spiders, with Black Widows being the WORST, scare me every time.  I have to practice slow breathing so I don't panic.  Give me rats and snakes ANY day, EVERY day in lieu of one Black Widow....
Lindak, who couldn't live without a can of BUG/SPIDER KILLER nearby.
(I am practicing slow breathing now as I can feel my chest tightening just by thinking about a B.W.)

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[RC] For the Ladies, rackinfool
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