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[RC] Break-out colt - More ideas on obstacles? - Kristene Smuts

Right, it's been almost a week since I hot-wired the paddock and so far so 
good.  Even when the battery ran down and there was no juice for a few hours.

So I masticated on all the wonderful ideas about keeping that brain active, and 
here's what I came up with.  I need some input from those of you with better 
imagination than I, but you'll get a pretty good idea of what I'm trying to do. 
I won't put all this stuff in his paddock at once, so that the environment 
changes constantly.  I'll also make the stuff so that I can "upgrade" 
everything as he becomes more adept at solving the problems.


1.  Flat wooden board with drawers containing food that can only be opened by 
latches or undoing a rope knot.  5 drawers to start with.  The drawers must go 
in either right way up or upside-down - the configuration to change on a random 

2.  Maze with food at the center.  Must be able to change configuration of 
aisles.  Start off with fairly easy maze and only one way "in" - so must back 
out if wanting to come out.

3.  Pressure plate / platform with bulls-eye to stand on for food reward from a 
hatch on the platform.

4.  "No go" storage area with door to open by latches or rope - food at center 
of area.  Must open door again to come out.

5.  (More advanced stage)  A "match the shape" puzzle with loose pieces of wood 
that can only fit into the same shape hole on a board.  Food reward when it 

That's as far I've been able to come up with puzzles.  I'll also have to do one 
thing at a time because of budget constraints, but will try and find "stuff" 
around the place to use.

I'd appreciate any more suggestions or elaborations on the above.

"Not so end of her tether anymore" Kristene

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