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Re: [RC] problem child AKA "glass horses" - Ibiteraaarr

Don't fret!!  Glass horses can toughen!  I have proof. My goofy gelding was a total problem child as a youngin'. He was born at the stables we'd been riding at since we were children, and he'd developed quite an accident-prone history. It includes everything from sliding into a gate as a foal and breaking his nose, to flipping over backwards going into a stall and landing curled around the stall door as a yearling, to taking a nasty fall as a 2 year old which ended his formal training and put him out of commission for a year with a monumental crick in his neck (if that's how you spell it). Last year he had a terrible colic bought that started at 5 in the afternoon and went on until 8 the next morning. In late March when I moved him, the stable owner who felt I was "betraying" her for taking my business elsewhere after 14 years blasted me that while furious I was leaving, she was glad I was going and taking him with me because he was an insurance liability and proceeded to scare me with forewarnings of me finding him dead in various ways because he was stupid and killed himself trying to jump fences, etc etc. Lemme tell you........that's crap. I haven't had a problem with him. My silly "glass horse" is one resiliant sonuvagun. He might be club footed and "fertile minded" (that half-Saddlebred/half-Arabian thing) but I'm convinced there's nothing he couldn't do if for no other reason then the fact that he doesn't know he can't do it. Sky's the limit for this character. There is hope for glass horses.....forge on, it gets better.

Liz and the fellas