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[RC] question for vet, please - Karen Sullivan

I know not exactly endurance related, but I have SO much faith in this group of vets....so please forgive me.
7 year old rescue mare, Arab/Morgan most likely, I got in Nov.  She had not been wormed for two years, but otherwise
in good health.  Had, on left shoulder, tiny bare spot (horse is black bay), about size of my little finger nail.  After several weeks, when it appeared not a fresh scrape, becuasen not growing hair back,  I started some over the counter remedys; that included ointments for fungus, ringworm, etc, scrubbed with novalsen, betadine, etc. 
Vet in spring said to just watch it as it did not seem like it was spreading....
Well, started slowly spreading late sping, skin with no hair and slightly wrinkled.  Visit to vet a month ago, and he gave me an antibiotic named TRITOP......that was applied twice a day for two weeks, with no results.  Area now has grown to size of my thumb....so trip back to vet and we did skin scraping....he looked at it on slide and could not see any "bugs", mites, whatever....so did a culture for a week, and got result that it looked like some sort of fungus.
Sent home with Conofite, which is 1% miconazole nitrate for $16 for tiny bottle of liquid.  One question is........I have in my vet kit a tube of miconazole antifungal cream, 2%, from Rite Aid (for humans), probably cost under $5, would this work as well?
Other option, which would cost $15 to $ a DAY for two  to three WEEKS....is oral medication, called Grisiofulzim.....
HELP please before entire horse goes bald