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[RC] Prob. child #2 - Laurie Durgin

Or you could have your horses, take 4 years to train condion one two years, plan rides for 1st year, but financesand 'trail problems' manners need work. So it bout get it all down pat, plan 3 rides. One really cold wether and sons scouts outing conflict, one gets cancelled that is close and similiar terrain, tna then on the 3rd, your vet comes out to pull coggins ,notices your horse moving funny(and you hadn't noticed cause you'd saved him 10 days earlier from getting impaled in the belly by covring the pointed angle iron with your hand/requiring stitches, so you hadn't been taking care of them , son had.)Vet tells lyou he thinks your conditioned ,trained, never hurt or lame arab has EPM. You get him treated ,become EPM certified paranoid, start to work on slow rehab, he comes up lame in the front, (similiar symptons to yours) finally notice he is lamer on gravel when leading him or watching him walk over it. Daughter /trainer look at him 2x finally find a stone bruise.
Well they look pretty in the pasture!!!!! Laurie/Rascal , her problelm child.(Watch out , I'm working on Honey now the "drama queen".

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