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[RC] truck sizes/trailer weight - Laurie Durgin

When we got our 1997 dodge diesal we got the 2 w d. Mostly cause my husband uses it for work and didn't want to the extra cost and maninteneace of the 4wd (our transman said the 4wd trannys go out sooner and cost more).We also found the 2wh drive was rated to pull a couple thousand more than a friends 4wh drive 2000. (both 250 dodge diesals).
Course now we have a 2002 Ford Diesal and pull a 3h steel trailer.(it weighs about 7200 lb. He can legally pull around 14,500 I think.He made sure we kept in the limit after we were sold the trailer when we had a 99 150 and the salesman told us the trailer weighed 3800 lbs.(dud, we found out he was thinking the aluminum version featherlite or something. We made sure we asked. He either lied or didn't now the correct weight. First time we tried to stop ,it pushed the truck.Hubby got real concerned. We weighed it, decided to get the other truck, and negociated the trailer dealer into putting in another gooseneck connection for being misled into the trailer weight.
The insurance thing/criminal thing is true, don't do it. Not to mention you are endangering others lives and yours and your horses.It isn't worth a few dollars. Remember Murphys Law. . . /. Laurie/Rascal/Honey?Scout.

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