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Re: [RC] Problem Child - Annie George

Cheer up you only have one leg left to get lame, after that he should be ready to go! Annie G.
Anne George Saddlery   www.vtc.net/~ageorge
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 7:37 PM
Subject: [RC] Problem Child

Am I the only one with a problem child?  Some of you
may have read my messages mentioning a 5y/o Quarab
that I'm conditioning.  He's my hopeful 100miler.  At
this rate though, I'd be lucky to enter him in an LD.
So far this year I've had him all conditioned and
ready for his first event, twice.  Both times he comes
up lame.  First time was before Sandhills in March,
which he came up lame due to an abscess in his right
rear hoof.  Heals up from that and I get him good and
ready for Liberty Run on Memorial Weekend.  Two days
before going he sprains his right front fetlock
running in the pasture.  Much rest, hard work with hot
and cold treatment, and much bute he is sound and just
about ready to ride again.  Now tonight he almost
can't walk because his left front. 

Here's where I may need some
input/suggestions/encouragement.  Our first thought
was one of shock and that he broke something.  So I
did my best to try and rule out that it's not a break.
 Here's his behavior.
1)Is able to put weight on his sore leg.
2)No swelling in his leg which makes me thinks it's
higher, perhaps in his shoulder.
3)He willingly lets me bend, twist, and flex his leg.
4)Walks really gimpy, but does put weight on that leg.
5)Poked and prodded all over his shoulder and can't
pinpoint a spot causing a serious reflex of pain.

Could this be a bruised or out of place joint?  Maybe
a serious sprain?  He's in a pasture with one other
horse who would not kick him.  We stalled him and
buted him and we'll see how he is over the next couple




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[RC] Problem Child, Timothy Worden