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[RC] [RC] New Truck (Nina - Roger Rittenhouse

Overloaded is overloaded  - NOT safe and also illegal - IF you exceed the
GVWR  ( the load placed on the truck plus the truck itself)  and OR the
GCWR  - ( the sum of the LOADED truck and LOADED trailer..

You are  NOT safe .. I  PULL just fine at 22k with my F350 -- 2k OVERLOADED
and so far it stops just fine.. but I installed a $400 set of after market
HI perf rotors and brake pads.. they dont fade warp or loose stopping
power.-- but I am still out of mfgr specs...they can void the warranty for

I am also over the plated F350 4x4  CC LWB DRW - rated at 11200. I normally
will run about 11500 to 11900.

I added a BIG transmission cooler and the temp gauge along with a turbo
temp gauge, Trans never gets over 180 ever.
I have an exhaust brake.  ( mfgr can and will void the warranty -depends on
the dealer)

DO I 'feel' safe -- that is relative.. so far no problems..

HOWEVER IF I am in a wreck and someone gets hurt  -  or not -- I AM AT
The insurance company  will walk away after my wrecked rig is weighed.

I could go to jail if some one is killed. An ole boy from Etowah is doing 5
yrs for that. 32 ft- 3 horses and F350
one dead lady in the car he ran over- who pulled out in front of him..
doing  hard time. Reckless indangerment and willful neglect and manslauter,
was the charge and he took the wrap. Ins paid zip.

But it WONT happen to me or you  ? right?

If I am very lucky  - just like ALL (most) all the riders pulling BAT with
ONE ton trucks   the worst that will happen, is I get stopped and get a
BAF   (big ass fine)

The 2003 Chev, based on my book I have here  lists the max TRAILER loaded
weight at 14900.  (HD3500 4x4 duramax auto 
The MAX COMBINED weight is 22000  ( same truck  ) per 2003 truck manual.
but the GVWR is only shown at 11,400.. not much more then the Ford, but
still I would be over most of the time. 

To get the higher rating you need to use the C4500   that one is rated at
26500 to 27500  total combined weight.  But dont go over 26K  then you are
commercial and need a CDL..

Big Chev 4500 does not come in a 4x4 yet.

DO NOT listen to the dealer SALESMAN. Read the Book. -- and look at the
GVWR on the door plate. I was told by the salesman ( last week)  the 'new
chev' had a GVWR of 15000, I have the book here.. He just wanted to sell me
a Chev to get me out of my Ford.

I wanted to get the F450 Ford. 4x4 etc. well the insurance for the over one
ton trucks is commercial - period.
Cost for  new F450  $1200 per year..  Cost for my F350  $ 500 per year..I
may still end up with one and bite the ins costs

So whats the fix - Look at the Chev, rated higher. Not really going to
down-size the trailer. Even with the Chev HD3500 I wil be close to the
You folks pulling over 28 ft are really running at risk.. but so is doing
the Tevis.. so just go for it and hope you never get stopped or have a

I understand many states are setting up DOT policy to weigh ALL pickup
trucks pulling a trailer, RV  Horse travel - what ever.  I think SD ND NE
do this now.
Some states already do so. I understand PA NC SC are going to start this.

The fix is a motorhome a BIG ONE, they are exempt from the 26K CDL.  Never
had problems with the BIG truck MH  but it got STUCK all the time.. WAY to
much to get a tow all the time.. or use 2- 4x4 trucks to pull it out...
Here in TN a Motohome is suppose to have a J tag with a weight rating , not
many do that  but if your tag from the state has a weight rating - you
cannot exceed that either. 
I run a 26000 pnd licence plate rating on the F350  - I would be 'legal' on
the tag and the registration. But over on the mfgr specs.  Its a no win -
IF you get stopped.

If I really want or have to drive a one ton - I may just have to get a
smaller trailer.. and that would be a bum deal.
Maybe the real fix is a BP trailer and a tent - and bucket .. like the old
days when I started with a Chev C30 and DD 2 hr trailer and a trap over the
bed... hehehe  NOT going to happen.

Time to get out of the truck...
Roger R

V-MAX Equine HRM
Equine Performance Technology
800 655 8629  423 253 3882 Phone or Fax
pictures http://community.webshots.com/user/psdendurance



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