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[RC] PNER convention - issues for discussion - Steph Teeter

PNER members:

I'll be at the convention and would like to spend a little time at the
general meeting discussing some AERC issues and asking for input. such as:

1. AERC programs. The organization MAY CONSIDER allocating funds for certain
programs, such as Trails and Education. Some recent special requests for
funds that have been approved are:
-> A camp and trail improvement project in New Mexico. The ride manager and
riders in the area had an opportunity to make improvements via matching BLM
funds. AERC appropriated the funds to do so.
->The southeast region recently set up a special Endurance demo and display
at a regional horse fair. AERC approved funds to help with the demo.

These are both good examples of projects that fall within the charter of
AERC  - trails and education.
-Do you think this is something AERC should pursue IF there are adequate
funds available?
-Any other ideas or suggestions for programs that would help the sport?

2. Ride managers: The issue of ride insurance. The AERC Board recently voted
to make it mandatory for all rides to be insured, and to specifically name
AERC as an additional insured. The issue now is how to make sure that this
happens. Would you like to see a 'national' policy? Where all rides would be
insured with the same policy? There are issues of cost, and whether a
national policy could compete with some of the less expense insurance
policies (e.g. IAHA), and if it would also meet the needs of rides that have
other events (e.g. ride and tie, competetive trail) at the same time or same
place. There is also some discussion of having AERC cover some of the cost
of insurance IF adequate funds are available. Ride managers - what are your
concerns, if any?

3. Minimum age limit. There has been some discussion by some members about
petitioning for a change in the AERC rules and/or bylaws, to require a
minimum age limit for Juniors. The southeast region currently won't permit
any juniors under the age of 8 to participate in their rides. This is not an
issue in front of the AERC Board - yet. But it may become one.  Let us know
your thoughts on this.

4. A proposed Limited Distance rule change (rule L5):
Current rule: ride time ends when horse reaches criteria. The pulse time
determines finish ride time and placement. all of this must happen within
the (6 hours per 25 miles) maximum time limit.
Proposal: ride time ends when you cross the finish line. Riders must cross
the finish line within the (6 hour per 25 miles) max time limit. Riders then
have an additional 30 minutes to reach criteria, and this will determine
their placement.(first, second, third, etc). Actual ride time is the time
they cross the finish line. Both ride time and placement time will be sent
to AERC with results.

5. Do you want an email discussion list specifically for AERC members only?

These are the current issues I can think of, let me know if you have other
things you'd like to discuss and I'll try to be prepared.

If you won't be at the convention, or are not a PNER member, but have some
opinions on these or other AERC issues let me know. Dialog is welcome.

Steph Teeter
NW Regional Director

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