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[RC] lots of rides - Hilga Höfkens

Hi ridecampers,
as it looks like everybody is back to normal conversation, I dare ask a
question now.

Unfortunately I have to plan ahead for the whole season 2003 and I am
wondering about the amount of BIG rides a horse can handle within one
I plan for one ride every 4 weeks from late April to October (7 rides
planned altogether).
They will all range between 75 and 100 miles (two actual 100 milers) or be
multidays . I am prepared to back out of that plan and slow down as soon as
something does not work out 100% perfect. And I will not "race" those rides,
but ride well within what my sunshine can handle "easily". She is 13 y/o now
and this will be her 7th season. We did it all before (100 miler,
multiday..) but never so many rides in one year.

I am not asking if my horse can do that, nobody will be able to answer that.
I will not ask my horse, she keeps on telling me she is King Kong and can
handle anything, peferably at high speed (a little bit like America *grin at
Howards direction*).

I would like to know if somebody did something like that before, and how it
all worked for them. Any special things to keep in mind? Did it work out for
you as planned? How about the season after that? Did the horse need more
rest then? Did you take any special precautions on such a scedule (get the
osteo-person or vet / bloodtests more often)?

Ok, I am ready, flamesuit on, prepared for everybody yelling at me for
endangernig the health of my horse on such a crazy plan.

Happy trails anyway


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


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