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Re: [RC] Shadowfax - Bette Lamore

Still getting unpacked after our move back to Paso Robles and find myself faced with over 200 ridecamp e-mails every few days... BUT... couldn't resist a "me too" when it comes to being a Tolkein fan--- as is my "jock" husband--- I bet just as many men are avid readers of Tolkein, although perhaps not as public as us women. I guess talking about dwarfs and elves could put some pressure on some men in the locker room. ;-)
For those of you who have e-mailed me the last couple of months--- I'm sorry and now ready to get out my stallion tapes (although I'd rather be riding! Just saw the Two Towers and it REALLY calls you back to the trails (if it would just stop raining and dry out a little)). Perhaps this movie will be GREAT PR for riding! Sea Biscuit will be coming out soon, too. Don't know how that will play for PR---- Phar Lap didn't do much for good feelings about racing in general.
Someone needs to write a heartfelt story about an endurance rider, struggling against ALL odds. An autobiography, anyone??? No, Howard--- I don't think your stories would make the GP ratings-- maybe not even the PG13's :-)

Lynn Kinsky wrote:

BTW, I think it is so funny how all of the 'closet' Tolkein fans are coming out
of the woodwork now that the movies are out. My brother is the same way and
he's always explaining or correcting our pronunciation. ha ha ha My other
brother and I always tease him and ask him if he's a "Level 3 Dungeon Master".
These movies seem to have the same hype and following as Trekkie movies. hee
hee hee


It's not particularly a matter of being a "closet" Tolkein fan as just having part of one's youth brought to the fore. The three novels came out in paperback when I was a college senior in 1965 and *everyone* read them -- the books were a respite from the war in Vietnam, and of having ones friends and relatives drafted and maybe killed there (I sent copies to my cousin in Da Nang and they were read to shreds by his platoon mates. They were among the personal belongings the Air Force shipped back with his body). By the time I was in grad school it was common to read the trilogy every mid term or finals week -- escape from reality through drugs hadn't caught on yet <g>, so escape through reading was popular.

Dungeons and Dragons followed a few years later for those who wanted to escape for longer periods.

Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians
Home of 16.2h TLA Halynov
who lives on through his legacy
Hal's Riverdance!

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[RC] Shadowfax, Tamara Taylor
Re: [RC] Shadowfax, Lynn Kinsky