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Re: [RC] What happened to the Pride Project? - Susan Garlinghouse

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From: "Michelle Fink" <michrowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 3:27 PM
Subject: [RC] What happened to the Pride Project?

Is the Pride Project still going on at SW rides?

Happy trails -

Hi Michelle,
Since Barney isn't on RC, I'll answer for him---the PP has pretty much wound
up, working off the assumption that everyone that had an interest in getting
bloodwork done at rides has done so already.  The cartridges needed to run
blood on-site have a very limited shelf life and need to be refrigerated, so
it's kinda hard to maintain the ongoing supplies.

Barney has identified an independent sponsor who is willing to fund the
costs required to analyze all the data gathered, try to identify some useful
trends and get it written up and published in a reader/rider-friendly
format.  All the details haven't been hammered out yet, but hopefully will
be settled by sometime around Convention.

In the meantime, Barney has acquired a 3-meter endoscope (a VERY expensive
piece of equipment) capable of being introduced into the horse's stomach to
assess for gastric ulcers.  Since horses really need to be fasted for 12
hours for this procedure (and also often need a little sedation), this isn't
the kind of thing that can feasibly be done actually at an endurance ride.
So Barney is setting up local clinics to do this for a really nominal rate
(nope, can't remember what) in exchange for the owner filling out a survey
on the horse's diet and history.  Those results will eventually also be
published to the endurance community in one form or another.

Anything I haven't covered, Barney's e-mail is endurancevet@xxxxxxxxxx .

Susan G

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