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Re: [RC] Coastal Hay & winter feeding - Stefffi_c


TY for the quick response... 

I have been feeding good quality round bales for
about 8 years, 

What kind of Round Bales? Here in NC hay is *very*
hard to come by; my neighbor breeds percherons for a
living and trucks hay in from South Carolina and Ohio
for his horses. He usually cuts hay, but since we had
drought through the summer, then bordline floods
through the early fall he couldn't get much/any hay
cut. I have no experience with coastal; I've been
feeding oat hay or occassionally alfalfa.

I also feed beetpulp with my grain, 

I like my horse on beetpulp, but I lease a barn and my
landlady feeds my horse through the week because I've
been sick an unable to ride or get out to the barn
much, so all I can ask her to do is throw her food. 

While we're on the question of feeds, do you increase
your horses feed in the wintertime? I've noticed Star
is losing a small amount of weight since it's gotten
cold here. She's on a basic, bare bones 9% protein, 2%
fat locally milled food that I've fed for over a year
now. When we're training I supplement with fat, but do
your guys lose weight in the winter?

but my pasture can be bare a lot of the time and I
would rather have them eating at hay than picking at

the ground as they are out 7/24.

How long into the winter will your pasture stay green?
I have right at two acres of wonderful pasture with
just my Star on it, so we had pasture up until the
monster ice storm that hit the south east early

My horses hate cold drinking water.  

Do you use a bucket heater, or what's your answer?

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