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Re: [RC] Aversion to syringes, worming, and I'm sure electrolytes - Susan Bothern

I can sure sympathize with you and your horse.  Been there and done that.
Here's the method I use and have had wonderful results.

Worming Technique & Training

Take a clean,  empty worming syringe (make sure it's 100% clean, take the
little plastic cap off plunger and clean it), get all paper off the tube.
Place in feed bucket at mealtime.  Your horse will learn to eat around it or
take it gingerly out of bucket and bury in shavings.  You want your horse to
get so familiar at the sight that it becomes old hat.  Do this for one week.
While doing this, every day you must handle your horses face.  First touch,
then hold, slowly work your way to playing with their lips and gently
touching their tongue.  Slip your fingers in and rub around gums.  Insert
into bars of mouth and touch tongue.  After a few days when you are comfy
with this and your horse is ho-hum, fill a wormer with applesauce, corn
syrup, molasses (watch out my mare tried to eat the syringe).  Gently rub
muzzle and lips with syringe, let a little good stuff ooze out, let horse
sniff and taste. Do not insert in mouth.  Do a few times that day or for
next couple of days.  Finally work up to inserting in mouth (I prefer to
face forward like I do when I bridle horse with hand gently over noseband of
halter) and squeeze a little bit out.  My mare does not like applesauce.
Work up to being able to approach with worming syringe and "worm" with good
stuff.  Then when the day arrives, worm the horse and afterwards "worm" with
treat.  My mares are happiest if I offer then a bite of apple first.  Give
them time to thoroughly chew and swallow.  Most folks like to hold their
horse's head up after worming for a few seconds so no devious horse can
splat you with wormer.  Good idea.  :-)  I have the ultimate cow when it
comes to worming.  The first time she literally picked me up off the ground
and . . .  This method works.  A little time consuming but I've found it's
worth it.

Best wishes,

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