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[RC] Bitless Bridle question - Mary Orosz



 I got a new horse almost 2 months ago.  She is a second generation mustang – her parents were mustangs. She is a 4 year old mare that is somewhat green. She is 14 -2 hands, slender and somewhat fine boned.


I think in the past, she has been ridden, although always with other horses and just kind of followed where they went.  I know it sounds crazy, but she had been trained to neck rein, but not how to direct rein.  She didn’t understand what in the world I was asking of her when we first started.   Now she flexes nicely when asked and does turn when I use a direct rein.  I ask her very softly and gently and she responds.  She needs very gentle treatment to stay calm.  I had her teeth floated and her wolf teeth pulled a month ago and started riding her in the arena just using a rope halter.  I have lately been using a snaffle, but am considering using a bitless bridle.  She constantly is fooling around with the bit and is constantly lowering her head and tossing it all around when it is lowered. I should try the rope halter again, because I don’t remember for certain if she did it when I used the halter … but I think she did.   I have tried a Meyler snaffle and also a full cheek snaffle (just because I already had it) and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.  I have tried lunging her with the snaffle and she does the same thing – especially when she canters.  I have tried lunging her with the snaffle and she still does it.  I have lunged her in a halter and she still does it, although I think she does it even more when I use a heavier lunge line.  It is not like she is tossing her head in the air like a lot of horses do – she actually reaches down with her head.  She sure does have a lot of energy in her.  I don’t know whether something about a bit bothers her or whether it is just a “I want to be free to run on my own attitude.”  - Or could this just be some kind of left-over from the last owner who rode her even though her teeth needed to be done? It does not matter if she is on a loose rein or I have contact. Maybe she just hates having something on her head.  Does anyone have any suggestions? 


Also, can you use a lunge line with a bitless bridle?


- Mary