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Re: [Guest] [RC] Lameness Problems, long - Typef

What is a PENS unit? I just had a physical therapist out here over the
weekend to work on my husband's horse who tore her suspensory ligament last
year. It's healed now, but she's been having trouble getting up after laying
down to nap. So bad once, that she peed while she was laying down. We took
her to the equine clinic and even though I thought it looks like the way she
was moving after getting up was from her hips, I couldn't get them to look
at them. They insisted that her pain was coming from the torn suspensory.
The PT was sure it was in her back and pelvis area and so he concentrated on
that. I never though to have him look at the Mustang.

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From: "Susan Garlinghouse, DVM" <suendavid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2003 8:46 PM
Subject: Re: [Guest] [RC] Lameness Problems, long

For both of these horses, it sounds like they're reacting to and
compensating for pain, rather than a true neurologic disease process.  I
think both of them would benefit from a good equine massage therapist
working on them and (I know I'm gonna get slammed on this one), a bloody
good dose of electroacupuncture to loosen those muscles and pain points.
Hell, if I owned either of these horses, I'd have them hooked up to a PENS
unit so fast, it'd make your head spin.

Susan G, DVM

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Re: [Guest] [RC] Lameness Problems, long, Susan Garlinghouse, DVM