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Re: [RC] [AERC-Members] Equus Article - Howard Bramhall

The article was written by our very own (AERC member) Bobbi Jo Lieberman.  It talks about the establishment of the Horse Welfare Committee and quotes several BOD members and AERC members present at this year's convention.  Very well written, timely and shows AERC in a good light when it comes to handling a difficult issue (horse deaths and treatment).
I hope all members get a chance to read it.  It reminded me of what actually did happen at the Convention and I'm so glad she discussed this particular workshop and the establishment of the Horse Welfare Committee.  It will make you feel good about our organization.
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Sent: Friday, June 20, 2003 8:55 PM
Subject: [AERC-Members] Equus Article

I got my July Equus the other day. Somebody posted here that they wanted to
see the AERC article. Email me if you still want it. Anybody else can email
me if they want it. I have an inquiry in to Equus asking permission to post
to the list and if that comes back positive, I'll post the article to the

Nashville, TN

aerc_forum (at) jadawn (dot) com

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