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[RC] Alfalfa pasture questions - rrohwer Rohwer

Would like some thoughts about and alfalfa pasture.  I recently purchased 4 acres, put a house on it, and fenced it for two horses.  I have a dry corral also.  The pasture is mainly alfalfa.  I have been tossing out dry land pasture mix in it hoping that the horses will walk it into the ground and that eventually I will have some grass growing.  But I don't expect to really see much grass until next year.  I would eventually like to see more grass than alfalfa.  Right now funds are limited since I just bought the place so really can't afford to do much more than what I have done.  Also I have the means to place a large sprinkler here and there but really can't irrigate the whole area.
I turn my horses out on the pasture for various amounts of time.  But they are never on it 24/7.  I might turn them out all night, but bring them into the corral for the rest of the day, or they may be in the corral all night, then turn them out in the morning until lunch time.  So rotate them around.  Every once in a while depending on my schedule I toss them some dry hay instead of turning them out.
The alfalfa is just now starting to flower.  There is a farmer available that could cut my field if I wanted to I guess or even just cut 1/2 of it.  Guess I am just wondering what would happen to the alfalfa if I just continue grazing like I am.  Will it just grow out of control and reach a point where it is too stemmy for the horses to eat.  I realize that straight alfalfa is a hot feed for a horse which is why I don't leave them out on it all the time.  They seem to be doing well on it at this point.  I'm having trouble formulating a question here, but guess I am just wondering what might be a good course of action at this point or if what I am doing sounds like it is working OK and just leave well enough alone.  I have about 5 T of grass/alfalfa hay that I purchased last fall and they way things are going I am thinking I might not need to buy more hay this year if I just continue to graze like I am doing.
Thoughts, comment, suggestions?
Becky R. - Montana