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[RC] Info on Yankee Springs/Barry County State Game Area Horse Trials (Michigan) - Karen Casemier

Now that we actually have a horse for my husband ride, it is time to get back on the trails! My mare Mazzie is so out of shape she looks like an overstuffed sausage. I've slowly been riding more and more, and now it is time to get on the trails and get some miles to get her back in shape (thanks to a fellow Ridecamp member, I have a modified gullet plate for my Wintec so I can use that until my Sport saddle comes in).

My husband and I have always ridden at Ionia State Park - however, we are going to try and keep his new gelding barefoot for a while to encourage some normalization of his hooves (history of bad trimming/shoeing). Ionia can get pretty rocky - we are thinking of hitting Yankee Springs/Barry State Game Area instead, as it is only about 25-30 minutes from our place. I'm assuming the trails are sandier/less rocky there only because I'm familar with the area - never been on the horse trails. Also, I'm a little confused about how many miles of trails are available - I know there are not too many in Yankee Springs, but that the trails there connect to more mileage in the state game area. Can anyone who is familar with these trails give me some info on them - I've been searching on google, and there just isn't a lot of info out there. Or any other suggestions that would be in SW Michigan area that aren't too rocky. (You can e-mail me directly at kcrazzmatazz @ hotmail.com (remove spaces).

Also, if anyone is interested in meeting up at Ionia occasionally, I still would like to ride Mazzie there so she is used to the rocky terrain. Let me know - I have no problem trailering her there alone, I just am not comfortable riding alone yet.


Karen and the superfat Mazzie

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