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Re: [RC] Stallions - Boy dogs, OT - Roo Grubis

Unfortunately he started getting a bit tense around kids - =
don't have any of our own - and as kids tend to do, they would scream =
shrilly and run every time they saw him, which caused him to want to play, =
would chase them and knock them over, and well .........  So, I decided to =
"geld" him, which REALLY p*ssed him off!  After he discovered that his =
prize possessions had been take from him without his consent, he really =
became unmanageable - had to put him down after a few months.

Sorry, it just doesn't work that way.  Neutering a dog can certainly have a
fairly immediate and pronounced effect on certain behaviors (marking,
roaming, interest in bitches, etc.), and can, sometimes, take some of the
edge off a dog's boisterousness, but it isn't going to miraculously teach a
dog how to behave properly around children.  It's also not going to cause
the dog to become unmanageable out of spite--it's not the dogs who obsess
about the presence or absence of their parts, it's the owners.

Just a funny story about our old English Bulldog

Not sure where the "funny" part of this story is.  A dog was euthanized
because of a lack of training and/or improper management.  Maybe I'm missing

Roo Grubis
Citydog Dog Training
Boston, MA

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