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Re: [RC] Ride/Race After-care - Funny Story - RDCARRIE

Got a funny story about post ride horse care.  After the ride, hubby and I 
tend to brush the horses off just a bit, give them a post-ride dose of 
electrolytes, give them each a big pan of sloppy beet pulp with a little equine 
for flaver, a pile of hay, tub of water, and leave them alone to rest.  My 
husband bought a horse last year (a Paso Fino) to do LDs on.  He's very 
conservative, like me, and is always worried about overriding his horse.  He 
did his 
first ride at a 3-day ride last October.  Day one, he just did the 15 mile 
"introductory ride", since he hadn't ridden his horse in 2 weeks and was 
about the horse handling 25 miles (in spite of the fact that he regularly did 
12-15 mile conditioning rides, and the horse could have probably done a slow 
LOL).  Horse did fine on the intro ride. <G>  He took day 2 off, then did 
the LD on day 3, completing in about 4 1/2 hours, with tons of horse left.  
After the ride, we gave Diamante his big vat of beet pulp and some hay, then 
went in the trailer to clean up.  When he came out, Diamante had eaten most of 
the beet pulp and was napping.  Ross immediately began beating himself up, 
saying that he shouldn't have done the 25, Diamante was exhausted, etc., and 
just generally feeling horrible about how hard he'd ridden his horse.  I told 
that most, if not all, horses take a nap after a ride, and told him to look 
around camp...and sure enough, there were snoozing horses everywhere.  I 
reassured him that Diamante was fine, and sure enough, about an hour later, he 
up and began eating everything in sight.  Ross had just never noticed that my 
horse always takes a nap after eating his post-ride beet pulp...but he had his 
beloved Diamante under a magnifying glass, stressing over every little thing. 
I still tease him about that.  <VBEG>

Dawn in East Texas

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