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[RC] ride locations, found the one I was looking for - rides2far

There used to be a ride on top of Signal Mt. The drive up 
(and  back down) is quite interesting.

Actually Truman,
That ride was right beside Signal Mountain on "Suck Creek Mountain". A
much more interesting name don't you think? It was named after "The Big
Suck" a whirlpool in the Tennessee River and as ride manager I think
rather than research it I made up a nice Indian legend about that name.
eg< The difference is that all the doctors & lawyers in Chattanooga live
on Signal Mtn. All the car theives and moonshiners live on Suck Creek
Mtn. It's also the home of "Insurance Bluff" a good place to go look for
your stolen/stripped vehicle.

Lisa, is it possible you pulled up the "W" road onto Signal Mountain? No
way anyone can do that in anything but a 2 horse and I would say that was
impossible except I know someone who got one stuck on the rock walled
hairpin turn on it and know they didn't back it back down so much have
made it up. It's the shortcut up that mountain from Chattanooga but was
built for mule wagons during the war and hasn't been improved other than
paving. If you made it up that, that'd make 2 people ever.

People going up and down have to take turns taking the corners and I
won't do it in anything but an economy car. There's lots of horse people
on Signal Mountain and you can spot their horses at dressage clinics or
shows...they're the ones that don't want to get back in the trailer. They
hate coming around all those curves, even on the good road up.

Since we're discussing my neighborhood anyway, I'll tell you "McDonald"
is a suburb of Chattanooga and just happens to be where June Parson the
ride manager lives. Monteagle, where the ride will be was once one of the
deadliest mountains in the country for semi's but it's been improved so
much during the years it's not even close to being my least favorite. The
road now has a very long gradual decent and there are multiple run away
truck ramps. It's not a place I even worry about my brakes smelling any

Monteagle's the biggest mountain around here so it will be cooler on top.
I don't believe the trail will go down the mountain anywhere so I'd
expect wooded, rolling terrain. Probably short climbs but no mountain.  I
haven't been up to the Boy Scout camp yet though it's probably less than
2 hrs. from my house. They tell me it's going to be a good ride though.
June is a very "no foolishness" kind of ride manager and you can bet
it'll be measured accurately and marked well. Both major considerations
on a first time event. Now...if I can just come up with a horse to ride
in it. :-P


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