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Re: [RC] [AERC-Members] What newbies want to know/horse deaths - Maggie Mieske

Wow.  How true is THIS!!!  :)  I jumped in with both feet (though it was CTR) and there is NO substitute for experience.   Even with a mentor, a rider still has to learn what works for THEM and THEIR horse!!  Trial and error!  I take everybody's advice, try out what sounds feasible for me and keep what works.  Even though Nelson doesn't ride (yet....I'm working on him!), he walks around and snoops around everybody's camp to see how they do corrals or water or brakes or whatever.  Please be nice to him if he bugs you.  :)  He might be the guy who grabs your horse and trots him out for the vet just when you don't think you can stand up another minute!  :)  I am encouraging this because I figure pretty soon he'll be fit enough to RIDE!  :)  He just THINKS he isn't. 
JUST DO IT!!  :)
Miles of smiles,
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Re: [RC] [AERC-Members] What newbies want to know/horse deaths, DVeritas