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Re: [RC] stallions (short) and after ride care - SandyDSA

In a message dated 6/18/2003 6:43:14 AM Pacific Standard Time, heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

That said, contributing something
important to the gene pool and "the market" are two entirely different (and
far too often rather unrelated) things.

That's for sure, Heidi; the biggest "market" by far is for throwaway halter youngsters, who may or may not be successful at something, but who have a halter champion dad, or even a mom, but more likely a dad. Considering the odds of being a Champion anything let alone a champion "halter horse", just imagine how very many young horses end up dumped - then assess the "importance" of the sire in the gene pool. The characteristics of a halter horse, or even the average show horse compared to an Arabian of ultimate Arabian quality - not just the beautiful head, but solid  mind, body and movement - are in conflict more and more. Where our own now 18 year old straight EGyptian stallion has not been valued for his "extreme head" or "Snakey neck" or trotty or necky or stretchy...anything else - he has awesome metabolics, sleek body type, solid  8" bone, and the most incredible "in your tent" attitude around. So....the importance to a gene pool" becomes a matter sadly driven by the "market", and ultimately by many with money but no investment in perpetuating the Arabian horse.

So it remains that we have an added decision - does one keep a stallion entire because he makes $$ producing yet another plethora of auction-bound youngsters, or do we keep him entire because his foals exhude temperament, type, ability and balance - and never let us forget they are Arabians?


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