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[RC] Win (If You're Ready)/Ride (If You're Not) - DVeritas

In a message dated 6/17/2003 11:41:54 PM Mountain Daylight Time, Merryben@xxxxxxx writes:

.  When will we all realize that the horse simple does not care about winning or finishing or anything

    that's right, Merryben....'being rode, being rode, being rode....okay, not being rode.
                                       okay, leg hurts, take weight off of it...'
                                        okay, eat, eat, eat, drink...nap
                                       being rode, being rode, being rode...not being rode.
                                       okay, leg hurts, take weight off of it....wait, other leg hurts,
                                       hmmmmm, I know, lay down, lay down, lay down.
                                       get up, get in trailer, bang, bang, bang, leg hurts....
                                       body hurts, home.
                                       stand alone in pen, look at hills."

OR                             'getting out, seeing things, nice morning, oh, water, drink...
                                       another horse, oh boy, move on up, work together, water, drink.
                                        moving through trees, find some grass, chomp,
                                        feeling the breeze, trailers, neat....
                                        okay, drink, eat, eat, eat, eat.
                                        Whoa, had to pee, feelin' good, drink, eat, eat, eat.
                                        get in trailer, bang, bang, bang, headin' home.
                                        greet my buddies, tell 'em lies. Head for the new grass.'