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Re: [RC] Stallions - Bette Lamore

Perhaps my stallions just have more sex drive :-) Those big Russians you know! ;-)
I should add, though that they are well behaved and ride with mares in heat with no problems. I have seen stallions who turn rank due to no breeding (yes and who are treated kindly and ridden) and turn around in temperament as soon as they are gelded. The vets here caution against keeping a stallion who will not be bred occasionally. I guess it varies from opinion to opinion---just like anything.
It would be interesting to find out just how many breeders/riders on ridecamp have stallions that they rarely breed and how the stallions behave. I never had the thought--- why geld?--- just the thought-- why keep as a stallion? It was the way I was taught by my mentors in the business. It would be interesting to hear another perspective.
And yes, I have mares who are climbing the walls to be bred and I wish I could accommodate them--- but fortunately it only occurs several times a year for short bursts and they have the rest of their girlfriends and geldings in pasture to console them. (Kind of like women who for the most part have to be romanced and/or the time has to just right, whereas, in my experience, men it seems are more "ready for duty" at any time and always seem to be up to the occasion :-) )
Horses are probably just like people--- some always want more and some can apparently do without (and these days with my work schedule, I know I liked it, but some days I can't remember why!? ;-) )
Bette and Bunny, who likes being a gelding because he gets to be out with the whole mare herd! He has a great fantasy life!

Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians
Home of 16.2h TLA Halynov
who lives on through his legacy
Hal's Riverdance!

Always remember: "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." (George Carlin)

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Re: [RC] Stallions, Mel Sherman