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[RC] Chip ID - Annie George

My horse has a large glairing freeze brand. That's all the ID he needs.  One that the horse thieves can easily see, and hopefully be discouraged by.  What pray tell is the incentive for all of these so called ringer entries.?? All the big prize money awards ? All the big monetary return on our endurance ride investments?  Sure there may have been a few over the years, I'm betting very darn few. I think in 20 some years in the sport I may have heard rumblings of maybe 3 or 4.  And while I don't think anything was ever done about it, everybody seemed to know who what where and when. So they certainly didn't get away with anything.  Those kinds of people have a way of fading out of the sport. They do become known for what they are.  We already have plenty of rules in place, and consequences for breaking them.  You can not legislate morality, honesty or good sportsmanship  in riders or vets. Someone who wants to cheat will find a way no matter what.  I don't see the need for a large scale chip program that would in reality only benefit the ones being paid for installing the chips.  Certainly nothing should be mandatory to AERC members.  I say if there seems to be a ringer problem in the sport,  there should be a   NON FINANCIAL GAIN  study by people OTHER than the ones who would be gaining financially from installing or monitoring this plan, to determine if there is a genuine need for it or just another overreaction to a very few incidents.  If people are seeing it and not caring enough to report it to management, or protest,  or catch the ringer rider out on the trail and have a talk with them, then we still don't need chips.     I can't imagine anyone getting away with it very much. I mean we all ride with these people we will all see pretty much the same people and horses in pretty much our areas all the time. I am quite sure that any number of people would know if I brought a plain gray/white Arab gelding and tried to pass it off as Boo, everybody   would know it was not Boo.   Unless I went to New York.  And the top horses and hard core riders are known everywhere. Once caught these ringer riders  would be out of the running and probably out of the sport.   To Quote John T.  on another subject sometime past, ""Its a horse club for criminey sakes""  It's a non money sport. There is just no  incentive to cheat on any scale. Annie George                                                                                                                     Anne George Saddlery  www.vtc.net/~ageorge