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[RC] Californios 65 & 100 (PS Region) - KimFue

The Californios 65 &100 was held on Saturday.? There were 11 horses in the
65 miler and 29 or 30 horses in the 100.? This certainly dispels any rumors
that 100 mile rides are losing popularity. <g> I would consider this a "no
frills" ride but Marge and? Vern did an excellent job in marking trail and
providing water along the entire 100 mile course which to me is more important then
all the frills that could be offered.?
? ?? I rode in the 100 mile ride and found the new course a bit more
challenging then the last time I rode this race a couple years ago.? It could be
because I was riding one of my own horses instead of borrowing one of Suzy Kelley's
well conditioned mounts or it could be because this year there was a little
more climbing added to the trail.? I had heard that there was over 9,000 feet
of climb in the 100 mile course but that could be the beginning of "endurance
legend" much like the 120+ degree temperatures that are endured in the canyons
on the Tevis Cup.? I don't remember much flat but I do remember measuring it
in yards not miles:)? Please don't interpret my comments as a criticism - I am
not complaining.? For me, finishing this type of ride with a sound and happy
horse was a huge accomplishment and a definite milestone for Fox's endurance
career.? For most of the ride, my focus was on surviving the trail and the heat
and keeping myself and my horse hydrated and eating.? This ride certainly
brought out the "us against the trail" mentality and forced me to use a lot of
endurance skills like tailing, negative splits, spending a lot of time on the
ground, taking extra time in vet checks and water stops, and timing electrolyte
doses.?? To me, a ride like this is endurance in the truest sense and when you
finish you know you have really accomplished something.? I rode this ride
without crew but I was given lots of help in the vet checks from ride volunteers
when they were not busy, other rider's crew, and from people I didn't even
know.? At every vet check someone would make sure I had a chair to sit in and
before I left they made sure my water bottles were full, and made sure my crew bag
would be at the next check.? I don't think I could have finished the ride
feeling so good if it weren't for the help I was given at the checks.
? ?? I think the field of 100 mile horses was incredible, especially the
first 6 horses.? These horses started the ride at a very fast pace (IMO) and were
able to maintain their lead and finish over 2 hours before the next group of
horses.? These top horses looked incredible through out the entire ride -- all
of them had quick recoveries at all the vet checks.? The 1st place horse
(Benjy (sp) -Judy Reens) which also won BC had ONLY 9 minutes of recovery time in
the entire 100 mile ride!? The other 5 horses must have been close to that
overall recovery time as the entire group rode together for much of the ride.? I
saw several of these top horses this morning and you would never guess they had
finished such a difficult course at speed.? The last place horses finished at
around 3:30 which was a very respectable finishing time for such a difficult
ride.? I believe that was Marcy Cunningham who was mentoring a rider on her
first 100 mile ride.? I think 6 horses were pulled in the 100 - 5 lameness and 1
metabolic.? I can't tell you much about the 65 miler except Cherry Stockton
and Freebee won the ride and Dick Fonseca and Alidar were awarded BC.? There
was only 1 pull and that was for lameness.?