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[RC] Advice on Dealing with "Strange" Dogs - rides2far

Does anyone have good tips for dealing with strange dogs that run up >
to you > while you are riding?

Most common defense is in the "mace" area, but I find that very difficult
to deal with.  I have filled a Super Soaker up with ammonia and taken it
riding with me (my daughters are still afraid to play with it since "mom
ruined it") I didn't have a bit of luck. The dogs seemed to know
immediately to stay out of range and knew if I had it in my hands.  

One of my FAVORITE dog training tools is a firecracker.  You'd have to be
off your horse and your horse would need to be prepared by previous
experience but for some reason (maybe it's my North GA neighbor who used
to shoot his AK-47 off his porch all day) my horses don't seem to mind
shooting much. First give the cue, "Go Home!" (which they'll ignore).
Then light a firecracker and toss it. No more dogs. Pretty soon "Go Home"
is enough to make'em scarce. 

I love dogs, but when I first moved to this neighborhood there was a big
friendly dog who was used to following everyone who went riding. Trouble
was my favorite place to ride prohibited dogs. This dog was loose and
determined. She very soon discovered I was the rider with firecrackers
and though it's been 9 years since I tossed a couple at her, and I'm the
one who feeds her when her owner's out of town, she thinks I'm the devil
himself and won't get near me. >g<

P.S. Firecrackers will also shut up barking dogs. Tap the window, say
"hush" and toss one. Pretty soon you'll just tap the window. Works on
neighbor dogs if they live near enough just warn the neighbors that
you're not shooting at'em.  Note of caution. Don't toss the firecracker
directly to a retriever. >g<

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