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[RC] Pony Progress Post Surgery - Ag47xAu49

I brought my daughters pony back from Albion Idaho and Dr. Clarks clinic June 9th. Zebby did indeed have a sprained ankle (right rear)  that had somewhat healed with lots of scar tissue. The scar tissue made it so that three of his tendons would not slide easily over the joint. Dr. Clark pulled fluid out of the joint then did shock wave theropy which basicly broke down the scar tissue. He then injected cortisone into the ankle. He also had that leg shod in a KBN shoe, basicly a high heeled shoe. I am to administer 15 tablets of Aleve instead of Bute, a day. 2 x's a week I will give him Conquer, an oral form of Legend. Zebby is to be ridden lightly for 30 minutes a day, then the leg is iced. He will go back to see Dr. Clark in a month. So far Zebby seems comfortable. It is a challenge to keep him at a quiet walk. He does not understand what "quiet" is. I am certainly going to get some decent excersize walking down the back road with my daughter on the pony. Lord willing, her 4-H pony will be back in the 4-H arena next year. From what I understand about this shock wave theropy, it basically takes the injury back to how it was at the beginning and we are now rehabing the ankle as it should have been done when he initially sprained the ankle. I will never put off seeing a leg vet again. If I had taken Zebby to Ddr. Clark last August my daughter would probably be riding Zebby this 4-H season.  Beccy in UT