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[RC] Dated t-shirts (Was completion awards) - April Johnson

If you want a t-shirt dated, you can make your own. Or farm it out.
:-)  If you want a t-shirt with that particular ride logo, maybe 
go to the RM and ask them if you can get a copy to give to your t-
shirt maker. If not, choose another design and have your t-shirt 
maker make up the shirt to say whatever you want. Just cause it didn't 
come from the RM doesn't make the shirt any less special or any less 
an award for an accomplishment.

I did that for Liberty Run. I was disappointed that I wasn't getting 
a t-shirt for my first 50 completion, even though the mug is cute.
So I went and asked Sharon of www.horsedesigns.com to make me a 
t-shirt to commemorate the event. Doesn't have the ride logo, but 
it's no less special to me than if Vicki had handed it to me. In 
fact, it's more special! I had Sharon put my name and Tanna's name 
on the back of the T-shirt, as well as the date, the ride name, and 
the distance on the front with the design I chose. Sharon was prompt,
the workmanship is excellent and the price good.

Not saying I'll do that for every ride, but I thought (and hubby 
agreed) that it was a special ride, so deserved a special award.

Nashville, TN

----- Original Message ----- 

I really wish at some of these rides the awards were
worth staying for.  As a rider, I love the T-shirts,
but I really like awards that have the date on them. 
There are some ride managers, I won't mention names,
that give the same award every year that has no date. 
What is the purpose of that?  It gives nothing to the
rider for their accomplishment.

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