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[RC] Electrolytes 101? - Diane Conklin

The more I read about electrolytes the more confused I get. It sounds like Endura Max is one of the best to use but....I'm only doing LD's this year and I'm wondering if my mare even needs that since I'm not trying to be speedy, just complete. The chance of ulcers sounds like a big risk. I've used a little of the Farnum apple flavored electrolyte and I've used a little of the simple recipe in a book on Endurance (the author escapes me right now).
My mare is on 20acre pasture and gets John Lyons performance everyday. She is a good drinker and eater at rides.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Diane & Dancer 
Randy or Cheryl Winter <cherylrandy@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I agree with your comment about not wanting too much sugar, but to be
correct, Endura Max is not a "non sugar" product, it is a low sugar product.
Their literature even addresses the fact that some sugar is necessary for
proper absorption. Just a factual correction.

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> Subject: [RC] Sugar in Electrolytes(was Electrolytes: Are "AccuLytes" OK?)
> I used to think sugar in electrolytes was not a good idea.
> However Dr. Gayle Ecker, a excellent university researcher in Canada
> who has done much work in this area said the electrolytes< BR>> need to have sugar with them to help pull them quickly into
> the horse's system. So I either feed the electrolytes with
> something like applesauce when I use a non-sugar based
> electrolyte such as Enduromax or I use a an electrolyte
> with sugar such as Perform and Win (which Gayle formulated).

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[RC] Sugar in Electrolytes(was Electrolytes: Are "AccuLytes"OK?), Randy or Cheryl Winter