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Re: [RC] grain at rides - Truman Prevatt

I have had very good luck with my horses eating feed with Perform and Win. They won't touch feed with EnduraMax but they like P&F. In fact they will lick the stuff out of my hands. I also have trained them by putting it in their feed a home during our really hot periods down here.

If I'm feeding grain I do it 8 hours prior to a ride. It has to do with the insulin cycle after a grain meal. However, with the complete feed ( not much grain in it ) I feed about two hours prior. Back when I was doing 100's on the mare ( I fed her a lot of grain ), I'd give the main grain meal at 10 PM and make sure she had all the hay she could eat the rest of the night.


Ed Kilpatrick wrote:

we had this discussion at liberty run, too. seems like a lot of folks start throwing together some concoctions that they might not normally feed (in the interest of making sure the horse is getting everything he needs) and what happens is the horse wont eat it. even his normal grain ration, if you throw in electrolytes, it sure seems to turn them off. i try to stick with the same stuff he is accustomed to, but at this ride when i offered my horse everything i normally offer him in between loops, he wouldnt eat. i finally got some fresh new spring hay from michelle, and he wolfed it down! which led howard to come up with this idea. let everyone set up their feed and water, etc. at the vet check area, then when you come in, MOVE DOWN ONE PLACE, and let your horse get your neighbor's stuff! on another note, some of my ctr friends insist that they have to feed their grain at 3 am, for a 7 am start, because they are afraid of inducing colic. anything to that? &nb sp; ed

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[RC] grain at rides, Ed Kilpatrick