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Re: [RC] Goggles - Bonnie Davis

Goggles are hard, clear plastic.  Like the lens in a pair of eyeglasses people wear.  If something hard -- like a big bug -- hits the goggle it splats and doesn't dent like the net on a fly mask will do.  Plus the goggles are solid.  Just little pin points around the edges of the plastic goggles for air to circulate around the eye.  Dust and dirt can't get in. 
I don't want air blowing directly into my horses' eyes when I'm going down the freeway at 55 mph.  Have seen to many studies from universities that are showing more and more horses coming in because of eye injuries from 'dirt participles' that become imbedded in the horse's eyeball.  The participles go through the netting on fly nets.  (I had a vet in Kentucky tell me during a clinic that if a horse is unloaded from a trailer and its "eyes are watering" or a horse that is "hauled a lot suddenly has tearing eyes" the horse is getting "to much direct wind into the eye when being hauled which can lead to eye damage".) 
We'll be riding with a friend who has a slant load -- I'm not a fan of slant loads but for 250 miles, it will be OK.  But I want goggles on my horse!  Not a fly net.  (She has the slant load with the open slatting.  Horse can look out, air can rush in.)  I know, I know -- I'm being to careful!
I've tried the race tracks.  They have half blinkers for racehorses but no solid goggles.  Some people call 'em 'medicine goggles'.
Thanks everyone anyway.....
Bonnie Davis
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From: C. Eyler
Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 5:11 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Goggles

What's the advantage of using goggles instead of a fly mask?
Do any of you guys know where horse goggles can be bought?  I used to use them in the 60's when hauling in an open trailer.  They are clear, heavy duty plastic that fit over head and eyes --holes cut out for ears and they strap under chin and lower part of head.  They fit like motorcycle goggles on a person but these are horse goggles for horses.  

[RC] Goggles, Bonnie Davis
Re: [RC] Goggles, C. Eyler