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Re: [RC] Rides on the same weekend - Trailrite

In a message dated 1/10/2003 1:39:22 PM Pacific Standard Time, karen@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

In all seriousness, if anybody in So. CA wants to put on a one day ride the
same weekend a the Cuyama Oaks XP that would be fine.  There appears to be
plenty of riders to go around.

       I thought this was up to our AERC PS sanctioning director, which is Terry Woolley Howe.  Now your telling me it's OK to go a head and put one on for next year on the same weekend....Gee, that's great!  I'll send you my paper work.
       Although, you've told me that I should have known that it was limited since it was in the EN, that was not my point.  My comment was "It should have been announced that they start taking entries at some point in time."  Not everyone has a computer and are online.  Some people have a hard time planning a head for a multiday rides, or for any ride, for that matter.  Guess what, they have jobs!  Even the Tevis is limited and they have a starting date to take in entries.  The Warner Hot Springs is full in 3 days...but Terry forewarns that she is going to send entries out by such and such date.  This way riders can be ready to enter. She even tells you an approx. date for sending entries out for next years ride.  And guess what?  We do get entries!  Anybody get an entry to Cuyama?  Who would think that a ride in March is full, when it's the first week of Jan.?
       The last I heard was (at Cuyama 2002, I was there) that they weren't sure how they were going to go about doing the ride for next year.  In fact, they didn't want many non-multiday riders there for 2002 because it was a new ride with unknown things to work out.
       I really think this is a same for some riders.  Not just me...I'll just drive to NM and go to Randy's 3-day ride, like we do most of the time anyway.  But for riders that can't just up and go...and were planing to ride this ride, it's a shame.  Also, with your "Sorry!".....statement, that was mean!  Does the RM know how you talk to people on RideCamp?  Oh and BTW...your right, I really don't know you.   I didn't think I needed to...to voice my option.

Tammy Robinson