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Re: [RC] [RC] Tying in the trailer, was Trailer ramps - Jennifer Judkins

I'll bite;-)  I don't tie in general.  I teach my horses to self load and stand.  They know to unload but tugging on their tail or clucking.  My feeling is that tying is unnessecary in most cases and not tying is more comfortable for the horse, meaning he can put his head down if he chooses.   I've also seen alot of wrecks with horses tied, who try to unload before they are untied (most would call that human error, but hey we all get distracted at times).  Again, as in the ramp issue, people should use the technique that works best for them and seems to be safest for their horses.  There are two instances where I would and do tie a horse.  I tie my horse Manny when he is in a straight load and can get his teeth on another horse (this is one of many reasons I switched to a slant load).  I also sometimes will tie a horse during trailer training or a horse in a new trailer setting (maybe a horse in a slant load who is used to a straight load).  I would not tie any horse-probabl y wouldn't trailer them either (oh god, just slap me)- who cannot tie in general (I think that topic has been beaten to death previously)

I guess in general I don't think tying is unsafe or wrong, simply unneccessary for most situations.  I think I read a study done that showed horses had less stress in transit if they were not tied.  Maybe someone else will remember more details.   That's my 2 cents, Jennifer.

 Merryben@xxxxxxx wrote:

If we are finished arguing about ramps vs. stepup we can go to tie your horse in the trailer or don't tie.....mb

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Re: [RC] [Guest] Trailer ramps, Merryben