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Re: [RC] Trailer ramps - Dyane Smith

Bonnie Davis wrote:
"So regardless of what you decide on -- make sure YOUR horses load safely.  Letting 'em jump over a ramp or race out of a trailer or 'wander' off the edge of a ramp is just asking for trouble...."
Hi Bonnie,

I'll weigh in on your side, at least to some extent.  I got ramps because I have an old horse with horrific ringbone.  Even though in his youth he preferred step-ups, it would be too painful for him to jump out at this point.  When I no longer haul him anywhere, I might change to step-up for many of the reasons cited.

That said, before I got my trailer I used to have to pay to have my horse hauled and the Sunshine was a terrible loader and has wandered off more ramps than you could count and still never came close to getting a leg under.  On the other hand, backing out of a step-up onto asphault, even though he is extremely well-balanced and was very careful, used to make my whole life flash before my eyes.  I think the problem is not so much more or less room under a step-up or ramp, but that horses are large top heavy animals and that, combined with a natural terror of being down and trapped, do argue for additional training such as Jim does.

So, Jim, I suppose there is some kind of video out about how to train horses to let you sit on them, etc.?


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