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[RC] Update on daughters head injury - Laurie Durgin

Thanks to everyone's responses and prayers and advice. Been to the hospital twice, neurologist twice, had Ct, mri, xrays, and eeg yesterday. Had medication changed 3 times. Some things we saw as worsening, was the medication. Haven't heard officially from neurologist on eeg, but the tech, said it didn't look like anything that would cause permanent seizure. Neurologist said it will take some time for the swelling to come down(that isn't seen on tests).Gave me a Prx. for steriods,but said to wait a couple days if there wasn't improvement. But today and some yesterday saw alot of improvement. In the afternoon she gets tired and has more (tremor, seizure, spasms, ) but there are times it lets up and are further apart.And she is walking and talking better. She sleeps/rests in bed probably 16 hours or more a day. The trick is to keep her quiet and resting when she feels a bit better. (She wants to clean her tack, go see her horse, go saddle shopping).Next appointment with Neurologist is nest Tues.
Now I just need to recover. Have to skip the Ga Horse fair , were going to help the GERA, SEDRA. And going to miss the Camp Osburne ride. Well it give me time to get RAscal's teeth fixed .
Right now I have to babysit my daughter and keep her resting (which I think is more exhausting, than the hurt person. And catch up on my sleep.
I may "bronze" that helmet.

Laurie, Rascal'mom.

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