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[RC] [Guest] sharing my MORGANS - Ridecamp Guest

joan zeleny getmorganized@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

during a conversation about MORGANS and their endurance ability,
i made a ridecamper an offer to ride one of my MORGANS at a multi
day ride.she pays the entry and splits the gas for the chance to ride a
MORGAN.unfortunately she cant make it but i believe that the more folks see
and try MORGANS on the trail-with the athletic and mental ability to do
endurance it would be a wonderful way to offer an alternative to
arabians.generally speaking MORGANS are:less drama-oriented,have more
bone,round-frame,still can do top ten,easy keepers,great feet....well you
get the idea,i like them for practical reasons.not that i dislike
arabs[MORGANS have arab blood-sometimes as much as 1/8th from the hearst
breeding program],MORGANS also have thorobred blood which i believe gives
them great heart and then the historic discussion is on where the curly mane
and tail-FREISEN,CANADIEN...?whatever gave the MORGAN a very
stable,trainable temperment.at any rate,one of the reasons i would like to
make this offer is the reoccuring theme of many posts on ridecamp and other
equine chats-'the i cant do this with my horse' syndrome.either riders are
picking horses not well trained,the rider is not well trained or either one
is not suited to the task.why not try a breed tempermentally less-reactive
but with athletic ability?here is your chance.if you have a child who would
like to compete in endurance and you havent picked out a horse,you are
looking for something a little different,you have seen MORGANS and wanted to
try one or your horse cant make one of the rides out west-like even TEVIS.

for more information email is the best getmorganized@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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