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[RC] Hobbles - Tamara Taylor

Hi RC,

Thanks for all of the GREAT responses and support to everyone helping me to get 

I've been thinking about my fencing system options since my husband and I are 
starving students. I've read lots of posts regarding corrals vs electric fence 
vs tying to the trailer, etc.

One question I have is does anyone hobble? There has been lots of horror 
stories of loose horses racing through camp destroying everything in their path 
and getting terribly hurt. 

I have close friends that run a pack outfit in the mountains. They have around 
70 horses and run trail rides and guide hunters. They camp 6 months of the year 
in the mountains with their horses and NO fences. All of their horses are 
hobble trained. At the end of the day the horses are turned out loose and 
hobbled where they can graze at their leisure. In the morning they call the 
lead mare (wearing a bell) and the herd does a modified canter (moving front 
feet together) into camp.

I also remember back to 4-H. One of the first lessons we taught our colts was 
to hobble. Our instructor explained that hobble training was a useful skill and 
would teach the horses to stand rather than struggle if they were ever tangled 
in a rope, fence, wire, etc.

That being said, why don't more people hobble? Wouldn't it be safer for the 
horses and people at camp? Wouldn't it help 'slow' some of the horses from 
escaping their enclosures and racing around the camp? I don't mean they should 
be loose in camp, but for the horses that are fenced in. They could still graze 
and lie down.


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