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Re: [RC] Teeny Weeny Budget - Rides 2 Far

You can ride in tights from Wal-Mart (in the ladies undergarment /
sports underwear section )  Minor seam, but for your first LD, would work

I've done 100's in Hanes $10 tights. Just broke down and started buying
riding tights when I started wearing out several Hane's a year and
realized the real ones were cheaper in my situation.  The seam never
bothered me, ever. Not even a little. :-)

As long as I've already broken down and posted again...you don't *have*
to tie to the trailer. If you  own 30 feet of rope, tie it between two
trees for an overhead line. An old snaffle bit works fine for the ring, a
couple of knots, or a 6" stick duct taped to the rope 6' or so from each
tree will keep them from getting at the bark.

If you don't have a camper top, pack your stuff in garbage bags in back
of the truck. Don't buy expensive horse blankets, just a wool blanket
from the army store. If it rains you can lay a poncho on top. (I've tried
shower curtains, they're too crackly)

That stand that's holding your mom's bird feeder up is a perfect lantern

Peanut butter & Jelly sandwiches taste GOOD at a ride. You can live on
them till the ride meal.

If you'll travel with someone faster than you (or slower) you can use
*their* saddle rack at the vet checks.

Make your own electrolytes. 2 parts salt. 2 parts lite salt. 1 pt. ground
up Tums. 1 dose =1 35mm film cannister.

Mentally justify all expenses.  Take the entry fee. Subtract what a shirt
would cost. Subtract what the meal would cost. Subtract what 2 days
camping at a campground would cost. If you're *really* poor like I was,
subtract the electricity you saved when you cut the heat off when you
left home...and the unused water, what this amount of exercise would have
cost you at a gym...etc.  What's *left* is the entry fee. :-) Feels
better doesn't it?  Give me long enough to justify it and I can convince
myself I *make* money by leaving.


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