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[RC] Motor Home pulling Horse Trailer? - Roger Rittenhouse

Melody asked about this subject. LOTS of posts in the archives.

I have over 25 yrs pulling with a MH. Can you say OVERLOADED.

The MAJOR problem is the chassis is too small for the MH  that is with
ALL the junk and people, they weigh more then rated.
Now add a trailer plus horses and you are WAY over the safe limit.
I have LOTS of white knuckle stops and slide thoughs at red lights
due to NO BRAKES.
I had a 28 ft Allegro on a Chev P30 chassis. I beefed up the engine
transmission and brakes. Still worked the crap out of the big block
454 and the tranny.  I sunk a pile of cash into this rig over the
years-- I should own stock in Camper World.
I think my MH was FAR more overloaded then my F350-GN/LQ setup.

MY 'current' MH is a one of those BIG truck conversions. On a HD
'real' truck chassis with a big engine- diesel lots of torque- and
most important - stop it now big brakes. I of course am   not using
it, since 'we' decided a Truck-LQ was a better combination.

If I wanted to go back to a standard MH. I would stay under 35 feet
and I would get a diesel pusher. They are built on a HD chassis and
appear to do well. However they get stuck easy have low ground
clearance and are difficult to get into places.. depending on the
trailer length.
I know many pull with a the Class C. I have considered that option.
But I would ONLY get a class C built on a FORD F450 chassis. Most come
with a V10 gasser and you get 4 to 5 mpg pulling loaded- Maybe 6 to 7
on the flat.

A trailer over 20 ft , a heavy 4 horse standard ( not stock) is
going to be very LONG and place much weight on the MH
I suggest going with as lite a trailer as possible.
Use a weight distributing hitch. Also consider a anti-sway bar. It
worked great with my Chev P30.

Make sure the MH chassis has very good shocks- blisten- Air bags are a
plus and a steering stabilizer.

I drove my Allegro for 10 years and over 80k miles. It only broke down
one time.
I was and still am a maintenance nut. ANY truck trailer that is
working to the maximum ratings required extra care.
I go for upgrades to help the engine - if its a gasser - headers and
LOTS of extra transmission cooler.
Dont listen the MH salesman he will tell you it will pull anything.
Look at the mfgr ratings on the chassis and weigh it at a scale.

In your case its a Chev going to guess the P30 chassis with a EFI 454
engine. It may have the next size chassis but the drive train is the
same.  Check the GVW and the allowed combined weight.   Look at the
plate on the drivers door and in the mfgr book about trailer towing

Since I have been there and had all the problems, I would not go that
If you do, get an airy open LIGHT weight stock trailer.

You WILL be over loaded no matter what you do.

I would look at a FORD chassis myself.
Class C 28ft - You can get the PSD diesel in those rigs but only
special order. We almost went that route before we bought the F350
and LQ... which buy the way is running over weight by 1000 pounds.
AS MOST GN-LQ rigs are...

I know many will tell you it OK and no problems- but the longer and
heaver the rig is- the more difficult it will be to drive handle
and stop.

Anyone want to buy my BT MT?  $19000
Roger                          mailto:roger@xxxxxxxxxxx

From: Wrecksduke@xxxxxxx
Subject: [RC]   Motor Home pulling Horse Trailer?

OK, we are on the verge of buying a motorhome to pull a horse trailer so we 
can be more comfortable when traveling and hanging out at the rides with our 
two young children.

We were told the new Ford chassis are stronger then the old Chevys or Chevy 

The motorhome we are going to put a down payment on (scary!) is a 1994, 33', 
Pace Arrow with 33,000 miles on it.  The inside is super clean.  The hitch 
has already been upgraded to handle 10,000 lbs.

So my question is:  can this rig with this chassis handle pulling a 3-4 horse 

I don't want to get an airy stock trailer.  I'm guessing well get some sort 
of aluminum trailer with perhaps the plexiglass siding to keep it less 

Question 2:  Any suggestions on a light 3-4 horse trailer at a reasonable 

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