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Re: [RC] Old Macs - Mike & Kathy Kelly

Hi Shelly and anyone else interested......
I've been using the Old Macs for over 1.5 yrs, and prefer them to Easy Boots (the only other boot I tried).  I have used them in 2 50 mile rides (Bryce and Death Valley - my only 50's btw) and 2 25- mile CTRs with no problems.  I usually train with them, too.
They are great on hard and/or rocky ground.  I prefer to have Gabriel barefoot on ice, mud or deep sand.
They have improved the design some from when I first started using them.  My first pairs just lasted for a few hundred miles.  The pairs I have now probably have 300-400 miles on them so far, and I'm using them in another 50 this month and expect them to make it.  I was hoping they'd wear out at DVE, because they have a 6-month warranty (I had my first 2 prs replaced that way) and will replace them at no charge except shipping.  Valley Vet now carries them and is the best buy, the US price is set at $145pr but VV has free shipping and no tax for most states.
Fitting:  There is a good chart showing how to measure the hoof at www.oldmacsboots.com.  To give you an idea, my arab has 5in x 5in hooves in front and wears a size 5.  His hinds are 4.5in wide, and he wears a size 3 on them.
Wrapping:  I don't wrap unless I'm riding over 10 miles.  If I'm on a long training ride, I pull up old athletic socks with the toes cut out over his pastern (leaving them anchored by the back of the hoof).  For competition I wrap with vet wrap (not too tight, tho), covering the back of the bulbs and the lower pastern.  Until DV I never had any rubbing, but after that ride one of his fronts was rubbed raw in 2 spots from the strap that holds the boot on.  I'm quite sure it was from all the downhill trotting we did, and know I can fix it by wrapping with more layers.  His other front was wrapped with twice as many layers (that hoof is slightly smaller so I wrap extra to get the boot fitting equally as tight as the other front) and didn't have any rubbing.
That's all I can think of.  I have been very happy with these boots, and after using them for 20 mos I've never had one come off!
Kathy Kelly
Parks AZ

[RC] Old Macs, TddWil