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[RC] Trailer wiring - k s swigart

Mike Maul said:

I'm looking for the wiring diagram for the cable of an older - 80's - horse 
made by Ponderosa Trailers of Conway, Arkansas and Delta, Co.

They are a Div of Central Arkansas Fac.

I'm told that it does not match today's standard for connectors to the truck.

It likely doesn't match the original wiring diagram either. 
What you need is a test light and somebody at the back of
the trailer telling you if/whether any lights go on and off
(my dad and I did this with my old Stedham at the end of the
second day of the Outlaw Trail and provided a great deal of
amusement to everybody else who had ever worked on anything
with their dad).

Barring that, you can take it to a trailer hitch/wiring shop
and pay them to do it for you.  Make an appointment and they
can have it done in an afternoon.

If it DOES match the original wiring, then you can take the
connector off of the wiring harness on the trailer, and on
the back side of it there are usually letters next to the
pin holes that say, RT (right turn signal) LT, (left turn
signal), TM (trailer markers, i.e. running lights), GD
(ground), and S (brakes...or auxiliary...NOT brake lights,
to get brake lights the truck should just send a charge to
both the RT and the LT wires; and a post up the middle,
which doesn't have any letter by it.

My 1973 Stedham had the same wiring pattern as my 2002 Exiss
does...as did the '68 Miley, and does my '93 Logan.

If your trailer doesn't have the standard 6-pin horse
trailer wiring pattern, it is probably because somebody has
monkeyed around with it since it came from the factory
(probably somebody like me and my dad in Esclante where we
were unconcerned about factory settings and just wanted the
wiring on the trailer to match the wiring on the truck...and
we stopped monkeying around with it when it worked...for
that day :) since I spent time monkeying around with the
wiring on that trailer until the day I stopped using it).

Which leads me to my final suggestion.  If you ARE having
problems with the wiring for such and old trailer, _I_ would
suggest taking it in and having the thing professionally
rewired--which is what Pat & Dwight did last year with their
'85 S&H because they got tired of monkeying around with the
wiring (actually it is what Patty did for them when she
borrowed it from them and realized that the wiring was less
than reliable). When it comes to old wiring, usually the
best thing to do is to pull it all out and start over from

Orange County, Calif.

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