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[RC] [Guest] One Chiro's response - Ridecamp Guest

ATDEES@xxxxxxx [mailto:ATDEES@xxxxxxx]
 I must comment on a few things here. No responsible chiro should ever treat a head trauma patient before the person is seen by a trauma MD. A loss of consciousness is a de facto serious concussion and must be treated as such. Also, never take aspirin after a head trauma since it can lead to extra bleeding in the brain. Take a non-aspirin type pain killer if you must.
As a chiropractor, I have great admiration for an Osteopath that still practices the old-time way. Unfortunately, it is possible for modern DOs to go thru school with little or no training in osteopathic adjustment now so there is no guarantee that they practice  in anyway differently than your average MD. At this point, Chiro students receive much more training in adjustment techniques than the DO students are required to take.
Choosing a Chiropractor is a very personal thing. No competent DC should ever perform a procedure on you that scares or hurts you. Some Chiros, including myself, use very gentle, low force techniques (some I learned from gifted DOs, like cranial sacral work) that can have profound permanent results. I would prefer to really fix you and not have to see you every week for the rest of our lives! ;-). Ask around until you find the DC that works for you and gives you lasting results. JMHO
On an endurance note: Sacral/coccyx pain while riding, especially after pregnancy, should be looked at by a good, well trained DC or DO. Many women need their pelvis somewhat rebalanced after childbirth. 
 Happy Trails! 
 Alexandra Dees
AERC# 1235