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[RC] [RC] Pacing - Karen

Beau and I discovered the beauty of maintaining a long sustained trot. We used to be the surge and rest type, which I think annoys some of the other riders. What do you think?

It's only annoying if you get in front of the other person and then stop or slow down -- and do it repeatedly. :+P Or, what is also really annoying is if you catch up to somebody who is obviously going slower (that is why you catch them), then once you pass them they attempt to keep up with you. Even better are the people who will trot right on past a water stop to try and get ahead of you even though they are going at an obviously slower pace (and end up getting passed anyway, so they just denied their horses water for no good reason).

At DVE this year, while I was riding on the 2nd day with a much more experienced rider than myself, I commented that I just was not willing to take the risk to go any faster in the snow (esp. where it was steep!). Meanwhile, we watched several riders trotting downhill in the snow while their horses slipped and slid all over the place. I did not want the other rider to feel as if she had to stay with me in case she wanted to go faster. I felt perfectly content walking that section. I was also envisioning how long it would take to get help if I were to end up the mushy filling in a horse-snow/ground sandwich. Anyways -- the other rider (you know who I am referring too since you were there too -- and also walking and being careful, I might add)....says to me "we keep our horses longer than those people". Enough said!

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that even more important than pacing is knowing when to go and when to take it easy. Don't run over the rocks and then walk in the good footing.


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