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[RC] twitch for loading - Ed Kilpatrick

hi all,  yep, a twitched horse in the trailer is not a good idea at all.  pat and merryben, you have the right idea here.  after all, the horse WILL go on the trailer. it isnt like one that wont load at all.  i watched a group of people at a horse camp we went to a few weeks ago.  they spent over three hours trying to get a horse on the trailer. they refused all help that was offered.  this horse really had their number.  ms.perez,  you are letting this horse have a vote, when he shouldnt get one.  follow pat's suggestion, it works.  i am doing that very thing with a mare this week.  the owner brought his little low ceiling, dinky horse trailer and left it here for me to teach his mare to load on it. it is so small it makes me claustrophobic!  but guess what? by using the technique that pat described(and that downunder guy, clinton whatshisname,:-) ) she is loading very well.  it was a riot to begin with though!  patience and persistence have prevailed.   so, ms. perez (dont have your first name)  do not rely on tools or gimmicks to replace proper training and handling. if you do, it will get you in trouble every time.  and no drugs either!  the horse can get used to the trailer.  he has just gotten away with some stuff and knows that he can.      ed