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[RC] Flooding - Rides 2 Far

Eight inches in 24 hours is simply incredible.

In 1982 we had 11 inches in one night which took out huge freeway type
bridges, etc. Now *that* was a flashflood. The minor streams are
returning to their banks so if Biltmore is like us the trails will start
improving soon. Everything seems to just be sort of seaping though. You
can look at a grassy slope and down at the roots of the grass there's
almost a current. The threat now is the river rising here (as there?)  I
think they said 28 feet is flood stage and we were hitting 34. Heard on
the radio that the big festival is being moved from the River Park since
it's now a part of the river.  I'm out of school again today since the
Tennessee River has taken over the road to my school. >bg< We had plenty
of snowdays left and it's paid...good day to be a teacher. :-))

go to all who have had to endure such weather 

People says it's strange weather, but to me...for my lifetime, it's sort
of a return to normal. When I was a kid I remember having lots of these
floods. The kids at school thought I was crazy when I said I remembered
the river taking over our road. Now *they'll* remember it. I'm sure that
for those of you watching the weather channel it looks horrible, but
unless you have water coming in your front door (and those who do bought
their homes knowing it had in the past) it's really just a chance to
admire the power of nature.  Josie's friend who lives on the river was
giving her a play by play on the phone, "There goes the swingset...goodby
swingset".  As I went for a walk down my road last night as it was
turning dark I realized that over the course of my 2 mile walk, I never
stopped hearing the sound of rushing water. Every little ditch sounded
like a roaring mountain stream. The frogs along the ponds and the
crickets were a sharp contrast to the quiet of just a few weeks back. The
evening fog which usually hugs the contour of Lookout Creek was
everwhere, since Lookout Creek now includes all the fields on that side
of the road. The houses, which are built on knolls for just such an
occassion looked like lakefront property. It was strange to see the light
from their windows reflecting back from what *should* have been grass.

I think we're past the worst of the rain. There's a 40% chance for
scattered today, something like 30% Fri. & Sat. I doubt Asheville's much
different. Cold front coming in Sunday, hopefully not soon enough to have
lightning towards the end of the 100. Nice day Sunday for their awards.
Now that it's stopped torrential raining, constantly lightning, skies
aren't black, trees aren't whipping around...I'm starting to be wishful
that I could do go up there too. I guess we get to compete 

I'm trying to be positive about this. Since all the gravel from my
driveway has washed away, I'm hopeful that all the gravel the forest
service put on my trail is too! :-))


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