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Re: [RC] riding in heat - Glenda R. Snodgrass

the helmet.  The air flowing through your helmet evaporates the water and
cools the head.  A soaked scarf lasts about 3 hours on a hot day; maybe a
head "cookie" would last a similar amount of time.

There is no evaporation when you are in high humidity, which is the
biggest problem.  In fact, putting water on and leaving it on during high
humidity can exacerbate the problem, as the water absorbs the warmth from
sunlight and actually insulates the skin, causing higher temperatures
rather than cooler.  

Water only helps in hot humid conditions when it is either (1) cold and/or
(2) poured on and scraped off quickly.  A wet scarf around the neck is
*miserable* in humid weather, except for the first 5 minutes after it
comes out of the icechest.

I find that wearing an overly large, white shirt is the coolest for my
body, because the white reflects sunlight and there is plenty of space for
air to move around inside the shirt (especially at a fast trot or canter).  
I buy men's tall size t-shirts and polo shirts from Lands' End for riding, 
because they have longer sleeves, so even short sleeves come nearly to my 
wrists, but the sleeves are very wide for airflow and no cuffs or elastic 
to itch or bind.

Glenda R. Snodgrass

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Re: [RC] riding in heat, Barbara McCrary