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[RC] Garlic - Charles

Is there an advantage of one brand over another?  Can I use the Garlic Powder I buy at Costco?  (Haven't compared prices yet, but I have some extra floating around).
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From: C. Eyler
Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 9:21 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Ticks and Horses

My gelding is a tick magnet, and Lyme Disease is a real problem around here.  I asked my vet about feeding powdered garlic, and he said to give it a try, that it seems to work for some horses and not others.
Well, it worked for my guy.  I used to find multiple ticks on the tip of his tailbone and golf-balls sized lumps (dripping blood and pus) near the groin.  Now I might find one tick on him per year!
Started out feeding garlic from Springtime but later switched to ABC's garlic, and I give him one tablespoon at each of his two daily meals.  He would sift it out of his sweetfeed, but adding wetted beetpulp took care of that problem.


[RC] Ticks and Horses, Val Nicoson
Re: [RC] Ticks and Horses, C. Eyler